Susan Kennedy

Sometimes in life, you come across a truly exceptional person. Someone who perseveres in the direst situations, who stops at nothing to see things through, a person who truly believes in the positive…someone like Susan Kennedy.

Susan is fiercely driven to help people. To see the best in people. Her role as a child intervention worker fits her perfectly, as her personality is one of deep caring and determination.

The family that nominated Susan for this award describes her as someone who changed the life of the youth in their care. Through a very difficult undertaking, Susan went to great lengths to help this youth graduate high school, the first in their family to finish school, opening up new possibilities for this child who has now gained the confidence and self-worth once thought to be unattainable. Susan advocated for the child to receive extra support hours from a mentor to help her finish the school modules, and when that wasn’t successful, went out of her way to find an alternative program that offered extra supports. She was even involved with the teaching staff at school, attending meetings and collaborating with everyone involved.

Their child in care is medically fragile and Susan always made sure their needs were met. She ensured all of the medical supplies were covered, all consents for surgeries given, and access to resources were found. Susan stayed on for months after the child turned 18 so there would be a smooth transition; she helped the caregiver connect with an agency for adults with disabilities and find a guardian. Remaining on the case file until everything changed over, she attended all meetings and even advocated for the child to stay in the caregiver’s care after the age of 18, so she would have consistency.

Susan never gave up on the child, or the family. She is a relentless support, goes the extra mile, and enacts real change in the lives of those she works with.

Thank you, Susan, for pushing through boundaries, for your steadfast determination to help others and impact real change…for bringing dreams to life and hope to family’s lives.

Congratulations on your truly deserved award!