Robyn and Mike Baptiste

Robyn and Mike Baptiste care for 5 Sudanese children in their home, all of whom they consider family and treat as their biological children. They have obtained permanent guardianship of 4 kids in care and are in the process of gaining guardianship of another.

The Baptiste’s are very committed to connecting the children to their Sudanese culture, often having the kids’ biological family members over to their house, working with community services such as Luna and Carya, attending community events, and even learning how to cook Sudanese meals. When there was a funeral in one of the boys’ family, they made sure he had a new suit and took him to the funeral, to ensure he was involved, and remained connected.

Mike Baptiste coaches basketball for the kids, and also works closely with their school to ensure the children’s needs are being met. They even volunteer for school trips and outings. They just recently returned from a trip to Spokane where one of the kids had a tournament and they turned it into a family event, as they greatly value family time and like to go on family holidays.

Robyn and Mike are dedicated caregivers and are always open to learning, so they can meet the kids where they’re at. They are committed to the well-being of the children they care for and are always doing what is in their best interest.

Thank you, Robyn and Mike, for providing a safe and happy home, for selflessly nurturing the lives of the children you care for, and for ensuring they never feel like they don’t have the love, support and safety they need to thrive in life.

You make a difference everyday. Thank you for all you do! Congratulations on this award and for being an inspiration to others.