Jen Welsh

This year’s Mentor Recognition Award honours Jen Welsh.

Jen and her husband have been valued, caregivers for 8 years. They have 3 biological and 2 adopted children, as well as one bonus, foster daughter. Jen is active and creative. She enjoys time with friends and family, golfing, hiking, skiing, scrapbooking and spending time at their place in BC.

In her role as a mentor, Jen is always ready to accept a new family, takes the time to get to know them and identify ways to support their individual growth. She shares resources to prepare them with the knowledge to better engage as part of the caregiving team.

One nominee shared that Jen was amazingly helpful in taking time to guide them through the fostering process.

Another nominee commented on how thoughtful and considerate Jen is. She goes above and beyond. She is encouraging, understanding, takes time to check in and follow up with her mentee’s. Jen is authentic and refreshingly honest.

Her consistent ability to establish a meaningful mentor/mentee relationship early, encouraging the new caregiver to feel connected and supported is remarkable. She is well versed with the CRFKA bylaws and previously volunteered on the board of directors. Jen enjoys helping others, making a conscientious effort to be an active part in her children’s lives, serve in her community and also takes time to informally support past and current families of their foster children in significant ways.

In gratitude for all she does, we celebrate Jen Welsh and all she brings to the Mentor Program and the families of the children she and her husband care for.