Jamie Irving

Jamie Irving is a family support worker who has been involved in family support services for 10 years. Jamie is a huge advocate for families, dedicated to supporting caregivers and never wavering in that commitment. She strives to go far above for caregivers, and if she is needed to help a family, they can rely on Jamie to be there for them, to stand up for them, to protect them.

Jamie is described as a very special person, a positive and reliable individual who is always up front, and someone who manages things with grace and finesse. Jamie always remains neutral, with no judgements of anyone and keeping things in perspective, even during troubling circumstances or issues. As one caregiver notes, “I am very grateful that Jamie has been our support worker all the way through … she manages to calm situations and keep us balanced.”

Jamie is known for working tirelessly to help the families she supports. During the pandemic, one caregiver family was given a baby that had a bad cold, not knowing that the birth mother had contracted Covid-19 prior to the baby being placed with them. Unfortunately, the caregivers were immune compromised, resulting in the baby having to be isolated with just one of them so Jamie took it upon herself to reach out to her superiors for a decision regarding this infant and steps required, relentless on getting it all resolved. This is but one example of how Jamie never gives up on anything!

Jamie attends all meetings, including hosting many of them. She also attends ongoing training above what’s required of her, always preferring to be well-informed, knowledgeable, and moving forward so she can best support families. She is at all foster care social events and will quite often host fun events and encourages families to be part of them!

It is with profound gratitude to Jamie that we recognize her with this award. Her compassion, dedication, and commitment to her role in supporting caregivers is truly evident.

Congratulations Jamie!