Asongafeh Ndobegang

Asongafeh has worked as a Kinship Caregiver Supports Practitioner for 5 years. He was one of only 3 staff in Calgary who took part in the Assessment and Support of Kinship Caregivers pilot project. His outstanding work on that project informed new Provincial policies and guidelines, resulting in improved service to children and their caregivers throughout Alberta.
Asongafeh truly excels in advocacy for caregivers. He brings caregiver voices to Child Intervention consults ensuring their perspective is considered. He ensures caregivers are aware of their rights to have support, and staff are aware of the expertise that Kinship caregivers have in addressing the needs of the children. He provides a wealth of information to both sides and is considerate of the unique struggles Kinship caregivers sometimes face.
Caregivers speak highly of Asongafeh, some refusing to work with anyone else! He ensures they understand their role, and helps them to understand the processes, policies, and complexities within case work that may impact a child intervention practitioners’ ability to respond to caregivers in a way they would like.
Staff describe him as approachable, and they respect his opinion, perspective, and the experience he brings to his role. He has acted as a Supervisor for Children and Family Services on several occasions and has mentored several new Caregiver Support staff. He has actively participated in many trainings and other learning opportunities over the years. He even offered to organize and facilitate additional orientation training sessions for new caregivers when he learned they weren’t able to access it. He practiced a whole new skill set engaging a group of adult learners but would offer it again in the future.
Congratulations Asongafeh, on this deserving award.