Our Programs

The Calgary and District Foster Parents’ Association (CRFKA) enjoys an interactive and mutually beneficial relationship with Child and Family Services Division of the Calgary Region. With its volunteer board of directors and its three employees, the CRFKA collaborates with the region to find, screen, and mentor potential and new families who are appropriate for the program. The CRFKA also offers a wide range of family activities to its members; with at least one fun event planned per month.


The CRFKA Mentor Program matches each new foster family and many kinship families with an experienced mentor to support and guide them through the first 12 months of their fostering journey. This is after-hours, peer-support of someone who has knowledge of the “system”, working with biological family, behavior management and all things related to having a foster/kinship child in your care. They are warm, welcoming, kind and empathetic – just the kind of selfless people you’d expect to be part of the fostering community.