Leiane Smith

Leiane has chosen a challenging position of inner-city permanency planning for vulnerable youth in care. Teens have sometimes experienced extensive placement disruptions and can be emotional and demanding. Leiane embraces her role with grace and ease. She has a genuine approach with youth that they trust. She is authentic, caring, engaging and compassionate. She supports their mental health and keeps them accountable with school assignments and therapy appointments.
One foster caregiver shared that Leiane created a safe space for her teen to communicate and work through her emotions. She helped us both achieve our goals of a successful transition into a Kinship home. She was understanding and patient and dedicated to a positive outcome. She would attend events on her day off and remained available to us outside of work hours. She went above and beyond as a caseworker.
Leiane exemplifies exceptional, positive, effective connections as she consciously looks for and cultivates the good in our children and youth in care.
Well-deserved Leiane, congratulations!