Alison and Sean Smith

Alison and Sean have been fostering in the Calgary Region for 6 years. They put the care of the children first. Alison works inside the home, devoting herself to raising the children. Sean is a police officer who creates time and flexibility to assist with many tasks. They are kind, articulate, and consistently go above and beyond, always creating a welcoming environment for everyone. That includes the birth parents, who have challenges of their own that benefit from the support of this family. The Smiths have a great balance between boundaries and inclusion. Sean and the birth Dad even attended Dad’s Day at pre-school for one of the kids!
This family advocates with schools, hospitals, community, First Nations, and Caseworkers. They are connected to the Band and provide unique and engaging opportunities for the children. They attend cultural events, classes, and engage in online learning.
What stands out most about the Smith’s? It’s their commitment to care, coupled with creating safety and dignity for everyone. The children are thriving and growing up with cultural pride, and their bio parents are being treated with respect and love. Their caseworker feels privileged to work with them.
Incredible job Alison & Sean, Congratulations!