Farhia Mohammed

Farhia Mohamed has been providing Kinship Care for two girls from her Muslim Somalian community for the last couple of years. She opened her heart to them and all that surround them by providing unconditional love and support. She is quick to problem solve and reaches out for help when needed. She models compassion and care for the girls and exposes them to their faith, culture, and language. She honors and respects their biological mother and ensures the girls have regular contact with her.
Farhia is a natural advocate, and she teaches the girls how to never let others disregard them for their gender, skin color or faith. She takes on the caregiving role with grace, exposing them to all opportunities. She made their cultural connection a priority. They have learned about the Quran and spend time with other children of the same culture and religion.
Farhia has an entire family system and community that surrounds her and the girls. Her daughters work with her, and collectively they are phenomenal caregivers.
She gives her whole heart and passes on her values of spirituality, kindness, compassion, success, and community.
Congratulations Farhia for this very deserving award!