Nikki Nieboer

This year’s award recipient was nominated for the Mentor Recognition Award by both her caseworker and her mentees.

Her family’s journey began 12 years ago as kinship caregivers for a beautiful girl whom they adopted. This evolved as they began their fostering journey. Their family has grown to include 2 adopted Bonus children and 3 Biological children.

I have had the privilege of working alongside this mentor for the past 7 years. I have found her to be authentic in all aspects of her life. She is willing to be real and vulnerable when relating to others and embraces growth and learning in the Mentor Program.

She displays a rare harmony in her beliefs and actions which she emulates through her integrity in both her public and private life.

This mentor is full of unconditional love, for her family, children, friends and strangers. When I reached out to meet with her for this award, she was in BC, at a camp making room for and serving fire evacuees.

It is an honour to acknowledge Nikki for her continued commitment to excellence and her enthusiastic, passion for mentoring.

Nikki embraces her role as a mentor, supporting new caregivers as they navigate their fostering and kinship roles.  A recent mentee shared, “Nikki cares deeply, she has made the fostering experience for us positive, as she is supportive, kind and remains readily available,”

This conscientious and committed mentor, seeks to develop ongoing friendships with her families which endures long after the formal portion of the program concludes.

As a busy mom with children of her own, she somehow finds time to a be a director for the CRFKA and hosts a monthly foster and kinship drop-in support group.

Today we honour Nikki for these qualities. Thank you Nikki for taking time to make a difference

It is an honour to acknowledge Nikki Nieboer tremendous effort with this Regional Mentor Recognition Award.